An Open Book Policy

Destiny’s cost-plus system and open-book policy lets the customer monitor all the costs associated with pool construction. The customer is truly in charge from initial planning to selecting finishes.

Destiny stands apart from other Houston pool builders with its four-step building process and 20-day average construction schedule. From the initial ideas to the 3-D imaging technology to the final landscape detail, Destiny Custom Pools will assure that you get exactly what you want at the pool-construction cost you decide on.

Pool Construction Process

Designing Your Pool & Obtaining Permits
Step 1: We use 3D design computer software to bring your visualizations to life. Get a feel for how your pool will actually your in your actual backyard. Once your pool design is approved, we take care of obtaining any city permits and neighborhood association permits.

Layout & Excavation
Step 2: The pool’s shape is staked out in your backyard giving you a chance to visualize your pool one more time and providing for last minute changes in shape and size. Tractors move in and excavate the pool based on the final design.

Plumbing, Steel & Gas
Step 3: Steel rebar (to strengthen the pool) and plumbing for drains, pumps, and cleaning systems are installed. Plumbing, any water features and electrical are all installed at this part of the process as well.

Gunite (Concrete Mixture)
Step 4: Concrete is sprayed over the steel and concrete forms. This usually takes two to three days depending on weather.

Step 5: The decorative touches of the pool are installed to give your pool its style and personality. If your pool has any special waterfalls, we will install the boulders at this point.

Step 6: The pool decking is installed or formed and poured based on your plans.

Equipment Set-Up
Step 7: The cleaning, filtration and sanitizing systems are installed and checked to make sure they are functioning properly.

Step 8: We add the water, and it's time to enjoy the pool you’ve always dreamed of. And you still have enough money left over to buy that new patio furniture!

Orientation & Set-Up
Step 9: We test everything one final time to make sure it's in proper working order. Then we walk you through how to use and care for your new pool.