Concrete Swimming Pools Are Definitely Worth the Time Used to Construct Them

A fantastic thing in relation to concrete swimming pools is definitely their variety. They could be specially designed as well as constructed with the ideal shape to accompany your back yard, swimming demands in addition to the already existing or even anticipated landscape design.

There can be three construction variations regularly used for the manufacture of concrete pools, and these are precast, shotcrete, and finally the cast-in-place technique. Typically, shotcreting, which provides a lining which rests on the local embankment, is less expensive, but isn’t appropriate where the embankment walls may be unstable or prone to external hydraulic pressure. Precast manufacture can be economic should the appropriate facilities are available, giving a reduction in labour and also forming costs. If the joints used in this method have been properly designed and are also correctly engineered they operate equally with components which are cast in position.

Once you have identified the size and shape of your concrete pool, then had the designs accepted by your local local authority you can settle-back and unwind for a couple of months while the swimming pool craftsmen get on with their job.

First to take place is likely to be the earthworks, as the pit for your swimming pool is dug from the earth. The soil might be carted away or even utilized and incorporated into further landscaping in your yard. As soon as the big hole is completed the concreting form work will be delivered. It won’t take the workers long to get the planks and sheets in place because they’re very well accustomed to tasks such as the one they are doing for you.

As soon as the formwork is done, all steel reinforcing required for strengthening reinforcement will be located and wired together to avoid movement after the concrete pouring begins. The pouring of the concrete pool shell is just about the most important and certainly the most apparent part of the construction of concrete swimming pools. One moment you have a large pit in your yard and in just a couple of hours there’s a dense concrete shell, very nearly ready for filling up with water.

Pool Builder in HoustonThe concrete will set fairly quickly and inside a few days, backfilling will likely be done cautiously. This will likely regularly be done in addition to any specific plumbing lines which have to run inside the backfilled areas. Soon afterward an electrical contractor as well as a tiler will show up, and after that, experts will probably install any step treads needed and also assemble the bull-nosed header round the pool’s edge.

Water features and paving will rapidly follow as your concrete pool actually starts to appear to be what you believed it would. In a flurry of activity the filtering system apparatus is going to be installed, the insides of the pool will be carefully cleaned and a fine-grained plaster coating added beneath the ceramic tiles that were set right down to the water line.

After a last evaluation, the swimming pool will filled up with water and the pool builder will advise you all that you should know about the maintenance as well as care necessary for your own durable concrete pool. It may have taken a few months from beginning to end, but, suddenly, before you realize it, you will come to be stroking casually along the length of your own private back garden swimming pool, proudly joining that prestigious club; people who own well-made concrete pools.

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Endless Swimming Pools – Swim Forever

First there was the treadmill. Health enthusiasts walked. And walked.. and walked. Finally they have found the best way to exercise without leaving the comfort of their homes. They can change the speed of how fast they are going, and still get the same benefit of what is known as the best form of exercise. Yes, walking.

Pool Builder in HoustonSwimming enthusiasts did not take that long to innovate and invent in their own field. “If they can walk and take the endless path without actually leaving, maybe we can swim, without actually going any distance?” Then came the idea of the endless swimming pools.

Endless pools are basically small swimming pools which are designed with the main purpose of providing aerobic exercise to a swimmer. Similar to the principle applied in the treadmill, a swimming machine is installed in the pool.

A swimming machine is the heart of an endless pool. An online dictionary defines it as a resistance swimming apparatus, often self-contained, enabling the swimmer to swim in place. The endless pool system will create a constant current for the user to swim against, thus creating a good practice exercise for swimming enthusiasts.

Swimming machines first came out and became very popular in the 1970s. They were then known as counter current swimming machines. They originally employ pump-driven jetted streams to create the counter current. This however resulted in an un-natural swimming environment because of a certain amount of turbulence it created. Propeller driven and paddle wheeled counter current machines were invented in the 1980s and 1990s. The design made an impact to the swimming community, since it generated a far-smoother stream of water, making the users more relaxed and the experience more similar to that of the natural swimming environment.

Almost all swimming machines today are engineered to be adjustable to any speed based on the user’s need. They are portable and can be easily installed. Aside from its popular use in swimming and water exercise, they are also designed for health and fitness, triathlon training as well as for aquatic therapy. They can also be used in water-based therapy for arthritis, chronic pains, multiple sclerosis and many others. Because you can control its speed, it makes it entirely suitable for users with different level of swimming expertise.

Installing a swimming machine and thus creating your own endless pool will surely have a lot of benefits. Since Olympic sized swimming pools are not always available to practice a swimmer’s speed and endurance, endless pools are a very good substitute. Aside from being a great exercise, study shows that swimming is a very good and inexpensive way to relieve stress. Having an endless pool in your own home assures you of an easily accessible stress and anxiety reliever, as well as an endless source of family fun.

So, are you ready to swim endlessly? If yes, then go and get a swimming machine and have your own endless swimming pool now. Start moving those limbs for a stress free, more competitive and healthier you.

To find out more about Endless Swimming Pools visit Destiny Custom Pools & Spas ==> Houston Pool Builder

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Designer Concrete Swimming Pools

If choosing your swimming pool from a range of prefabricated fiberglass models is not for you and you’re looking for something a little more exclusive, then a concrete pool is the best option.

Imagine customizing your new pool to suit your own needs. You will be able to design your pool to be as individual and unique as you are.

Houston Pool BuildersThese days, the average block size in Houston is certainly getting smaller and as home buyers opt to build large with less the options for backyard landscaping are not as endless as they used to be. A difficult backyard is no longer a valid excuse for not having a swimming pool – Houston’s gorgeous weather is just too good to miss out on! Concrete pool design and construction is not limited by difficult site conditions or space restrictions. Pools can be constructed to any shape or depth to meet your specific requirements and provide members of your family with a versatile leisure area.

Your new pool could be built along boundaries or even as part of building structures. This is a fantastic option for houses under construction as the pool can be integrated as part of the building plans. Retaining walls can also be incorporated into the design and structure of the pool where necessary.

While it is easier to build a concrete pool before a house goes up, there are still many options available to those wanting to obtain a concrete pool at an established property. Concrete swimming pools are the most versatile pool option and if engineered and designed into the surroundings with imagination, can turn a normal looking backyard into a spectacular one. Built in any shape, size or location, concrete pools have a lifetime value.

With a wide selection of colors and internal surface finishes now available, you can build a pool to perfectly blend into the surrounding area and suit you and your lifestyle.

For further information and advice on Concrete Swimming Pools and Spas, visit

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Swimming Pools Make Property More Attractive to Potential Tenants

Pool Builder in HoustonA swimming pool at home adds to it a touch of class and a whole lot of convenience. You do not need to go to crowded public swimming pools to cool off in the scorching summers or to give yourself a good workout. Having a swimming pool sounds cool but maintaining it involves time and money. Swimming pool sanitation is a major issue for swimming pool owners to maintain acceptable quality of water. Proper sanitation is required to prevent transmission of infectious diseases and maintain the visual clarity of water. A dirty swimming pool is not a very pleasing sight. Swimming pool cleaners are just the tool you need to maintain a clean and healthy pool.

There are three types of swimming pool cleaners based on the mechanism of cleaning they involve. They cater to the varying needs and budgets of pool owners.

Suction pool cleaners: Perhaps the most popular and economical type of cleaners. The mechanism of cleaning involves a hose that is attached to a skimmer or side port in the pool. Suction is generated in the hose from the pool pump. The cleaner collects and puts debris in the pool filter by moving around the pool in random patterns. Though it does not work well in getting rid of leaves, it is easy to maintain and install. The suction is dependent on the pressure from the filter as it comes between the cleaner and the pump, so the filter must be kept clean at all times.

Pressure pool cleaners: They are expensive but work more efficiently. With its own filter bag it avoids clogging the pool filter. The hose from the cleaner is connected to the pool return, which is the place where water flows from the pool filter into the pool. The cleaner works with the help of an additional pump connected through another pipe which forces water pressure to the cleaner. The two way water pressure works to create a vacuum and propels the cleaner around the pool. Dirt and debris are thus collected in the cleaner’s internal filter. It also distributes filtered water in the pool. Pressure cleaners are more difficult to install as it has a lot of attachments.

Automatic, or robotic, pool cleaners: The most efficient and expensive type of pool cleaner, they are a totally stand-alone cleaning system. They need their own power source provided from power sockets at home. They have their own filtration unit and don’t attach to the pool filter or pump in any away. They are portable and run on timers or have remote controls. They are thrown into the pool whenever cleaning is required and taken out as soon as it’s done.

To know more about pool cleaners, check out You will find reliable information on all kinds of swimming pool cleaners here.

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Achieve Your Luxurious Dream

Swimming pool builders are responsible for turning hundreds of backyards into a beautiful respite away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The best thing about having your very own pool is that you can have a nice respite from the crowd at anytime without having to spend thousands of dollars just to get away from the bustling side of the town.

Houston Pool BuildersLuxurious and world-renowned hotel chains have acquired the services of brilliant swimming pool designers and builders. Pool companies have long been associated with stunning outdoor designs and magnificent looking pools in hotels, resorts, theme parks, club houses, spas and gyms that are always teeming with crowds. They are sought after by business owners as well as homemakers, too.

You will find several pool contractors that have taken a step toward the upscale in recent years creating pools and spas for high-rise condominiums and hotels here and abroad. Acquiring their services for building your very own pool in your backyard may be pricey, but in the long run, it will prove to be a cheaper option for those who spend thousand of dollars for traveling and checking in at posh resorts just to get away from it all.

Swimming pools are actually the lifeblood of popular resorts and theme parks especially in the most densely populated areas. It is where both locals and tourists flock to cool down especially during the summer. Think of how much you spend for paying entrance fees for each family member plus the cost of dining in these places where the food offerings are not too tempting yet doubly priced compared to outdoor stalls and restaurants.

Smart homeowners score big by choosing to invest and build a pool in their backyards. This move is also an excellent way to keep your teens from bar-hopping with friends during weekends. Having your own pool can change the way you and your family kick back during weekends. Most parents swear that their decision to have a swimming pool built in their own property was the best investment ever. This will prove to be a calmer option for your teens who love heading to the outdoors. You can also build your very own relaxation area where you can spend time to enjoy that rare tranquility and just collapse into a sofa bed or lounger.

Even if the reality doesn’t quite match the hype of being in a hotel or resort, you will definitely appreciate the relaxing vibe and the glamour your swimming pool can give to your property sans the crowd and the worry of having to pay for expensive facilities, food and drinks when you are in a pricey and posh getaway. Let the swimming pool builders help you achieve your luxurious dream of having your own family pool.

We are your trusted swimming pool builders. We’ve been into pool construction for over 20 years. Visit for more information about swimming pools in Houston Texas.

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Listen to Your Swimming Pool Filter Pressure Gauge

Houston Pool BuildersMost swimming pool owners take for granted the significance of one of the simplest gadgets included in their pool equipment, the pressure gauge on the main pool filter. This one instrument is the equivalent of a thermometer to the human body. When the variance from 98.6 is too large, either high or low, we know our body is sick and needs attention. The same rule applies to the pressure gauge on a main swimming pool filter. Used properly it can be a pool owner’s best tool to avoid, diagnose, and solve common pool problems.

The first key to using the pool filter pressure gauge as the tool it is intended to be is to establish and document a “normal operating pressure”. This reading should be established immediately after the filter cartridges have been cleaned or when new cartridges are installed. Record this reading, in other words write it down, and store it somewhere that is convenient and easily accessible during your daily or weekly pool maintenance routine.

Then, simply make sure to consult the pressure gauge each and every time you service the pool. Don’t be lazy about checking the pressure. It literally only takes a second or two and it could help avoid a hefty pool repair bill and the embarrassment of a green swimming pool. Typically the main filter should be cleaned or backwashed when the pressure rises no more than 10 psi. But as you monitor the pressure gauge, if the pressure seems abnormally high or low, it means the pool needs attention. Of course it is always possible that the gauge itself could be broken, but for this discussion we will assume it is in good working order.

Pressure Abnormally Low – if the pressure gauge is reading lower than expected it could indicate several different problems. Typically it means something is obstructing the water from getting to the filter. Check to make sure there is an adequate water level in the pool. If the water level is good, check all baskets to make sure they are not clogged with debris and blocking the water flow. Also check the skimmer weir door to make sure it is not stuck in the closed position (up). Another common problem is debris getting past the pump basket and clogging up the impeller.

Pressure Abnormally High – if the pressure gauge is reading extremely high, it most likely means the filter media is clogged and needs to be cleaned. Another common reason for a high pressure reading is a valve to one of the return lines has been accidentally moved to the closed position. When this happens the water is obstructed from moving back into the swimming pool, which leads to back pressure to the filter and a abnormally high reading.

Unstable Pressure Readings – if the pressure reading is not stabilizing and constantly moving from low to high and back to low, it usually indicates an insufficient water level in the pool or a skimmer weir that is getting stuck. In either of these cases, there isn’t enough water to consistently supply the pump. When there is sufficient water supply the pressure goes up and when the pump starts drawing air the pressure goes down. This is known as “cycling” and should be avoided because it will inevitably lead to damage to the pump motor.

Out of all the tools used to maintain your swimming pool, the main pool filter pressure gauge can be your best friend and save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Monitored properly, the pressure readings will actually tell you a story of the status of the pool in just a few seconds. It is worth the time to document the readings on your main pool filter pressure gauge and start listening to the story it’s trying to tell you!

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A Guide To Swimming Pool Equipment

Investing in an in-ground swimming pool of whatever size and shape is only the basic concept. Installing the necessary swimming pool equipment and having complete supplies together with vital pool accessories form part of your investment. As a pool owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your pool so that it is always safe for you, your loved ones, relatives and friends to have fun and enjoy. Total safety should be the priority goal in maintaining a pool.

One important pool equipment is your pump assembly. Its function is to keep your pool’s water circulation in order. Pumping in new and fresh water and pumping out dirty water is its daily job. In selecting an energy-efficient pool pump, many experts suggest picking those multi-speed pumps with automatic control systems. This type of pool equipment can make you eligible for grants, tax credits or rebates. Check the pump’s HP rating and motor efficiency and find out what is the best energy efficient type for your use. Lower HP motor and proper running of 3-4 hours of pumping operation instead of 5-6 hours mean lower energy consumption.

Houston Pool BuildersAnother valuable equipment is your filtration system. Your pool can have a sand, cartridge or diatomaceous earth (DE) type of filter. If you want low maintenance, you can go with a high-end cartridge filter which can filter microscopic particles. A little DE powder can be added to the skimmer to make your pool water sparkle. Your filters and pumps are very important pool equipments because their function is safety. They circulate, sanitize and clean your pool water.

For many years, pool cleaning was done manually. Nowadays, you have the automatic pool cleaners made by top manufacturers for your in-ground pools. These are necessary pool equipment supplies. You can opt for an automatic pressure-side, a suction type or a robotic cleaner. Cleaners take care of the debris, large and small from your pool. These modern equipments can save you hours of clean up when compared to manual cleaning.

Pool heaters are also trendy equipments for many pool owners not only for people living in cold climates. They are popular to maximize swimming enjoyment even during off-season. Solar pool heaters are becoming in demand nowadays. Others choose energy saver types like the natural gas or propane heaters while others still go for the electric type. Whatever heater you install, its objective is to keep the water at the right temperature for your family to enjoy swimming even during cold days and nights.

One necessary and protective equipment is the pool cover. Winter pool covers can protect your pool from the harsh climate effects brought about by strong winds. Large debris, leaves, twigs, branches can find their way to an uncovered pool. Covers not only protect your pool from debris. They can also prevent any drowning accidents. There are solar covers and different types of mesh fabric, vinyl, and solid covers. These materials are reasonably priced.

Modern rescue equipments should also be a part of your swimming pool equipment inventory. Items such as rescue tubes, first aid kits, spine boards, CPR masks, head immobilizers and ring buoys are vital tools necessary in case of any unnecessary incidents or accidents most specially when there are children and elderly around.

How about swimming pool lights? For many pool owners, these pool lights are considered as standard pool equipments to extend the swimming enjoyment. Night swimming will be dangerous if there are no lights. Swimmers will not be able to see the pool’s walls and water level. There are many types of pool lights available in the market.

You can choose solar pool lighting, fiber-optic or the most revolutionary lighting system today which are the LED lights. Aside from the above, some of the other pool equipments, supplies and accessories to acquire are salt chlorine generators, floating chlorinators, brominators, pool skimmers, pool alarms, chemical feeders, steps and ladders, vacuum hoses, etc.

There are reputable online warehouse distributors offering swimming pool equipment from top brands such as Kreepy Krauly, Hayward, Polaris, Aquabot, Baracuda, Sta-Rite, Fafco, Raypak, Pentair, Zodiac, and many others. Most pool equipments have positive customer reviews. Plan your timing, work out a budget for your desired equipments and spend time to do virtual online window shopping comparing prices and special offers. In your choice of products, make sure that your priority is safety before beauty and leisure.

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The Secret Of Energy Efficient Swimming Pools

Swimming pools definitely add beauty and value to one’s home – but they are also major energy users. So it is important that these are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. In fact, many people prefer environment-friendly pools and fortunately, with today’s modern technology and facilities, both existing and newly built swimming pools can now be made Eco-friendly.

Houston Pool BuilderBenefits of Energy-Efficient Swimming Pools

Swimming pools that are energy efficient are not only beneficial to the environment but to pool owners as well. So if you are thinking about getting yourself a new pool or if you are planning to remodel an existing one, then here are some reasons why energy efficiency is a major consideration:

• Save money. Pools that use variable speed pumps and pool covers can cut energy costs up to 30%. A pool cover can also keep your swimming pool warm, which means that you will no longer have to worry about your heating costs and electric bills. Most of all, you can save your money for future use. However, you should also do your part by purchasing the right equipment and observing energy conservation habits and proper maintenance.

• Conserve water. swimming pools usually lose heat and water through evaporation. So to prevent these from occurring and to be able to conserve water, a cover can be essential.

• Get incentives and rebates. To motivate pool owners to shift to Eco-friendly pools by purchasing energy-efficient pool appliances, incentives and rebates are offered depending on the State.

Tips on Pool Re-modelling for Energy Efficiency

To make your pool more energy proficient, pool remodeling may be necessary. Purchasing the appropriate equipment and exercising maintenance routines are indispensable steps for you to be able to enjoy the benefits of energy efficient concrete pools.

Here are some tips on how you can make your pool more energy efficient:

• Install a smaller but with higher efficiency pump and use it less. Newer energy proficient pumps typically use 30-45% less power than the regular ones and they operate at variable speeds that will suit your needs. Thus, you can reduce the speed during ordinary days and set the settings higher when exhaustive cleaning is necessary. The pump also circulates the water, keeping it clean, clear and chemically balanced. This lessens the costs for cleaning and filtration.

• Use a cover. This technique conserves both heat and water since they are usually lost through evaporation. The cover can keep the pool 10 degrees warmer, reducing heating costs by as much as 90 percent. It also keeps the water clean, cutting down cleaning expenses and the filter can be used less often, conserving energy as well.

• Aside from the cover, you can also reduce heating costs and take pleasure in comfortable water temperature by making use of solar energy. This is definitely one of the most economical techniques used to achieve energy efficiency. Your pool can be positioned in an area in your backyard that is well-exposed to sunlight. You should also assess wind direction and certain structures that may cause windbreak.

• Utilize timers for your heater and pump so that they can function in numerous short cycles throughout the day instead of a continuous operation.

So if you are looking for a company that can provide you with not only well-built swimming pools but energy-efficient as well, there is a right company for you. They provide elegant and durable concrete pools, plunge pools, plus custom designed swimming pools.

At Destiny Custom Pools, we have professional swimming pool consultants and designers. We specialize in design, engineering and construction of concrete swimming pools in Houston, with over 20 years of experience in the swimming pool industry.

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Summertime Swimming Pool Remodel

Have you ever thought about remodeling your pool into an absolute paradise? I know I know, these are hard economic times. However, remodeling your pool can be very cost effective. Depending on the type of pool you have it can also be relatively inexpensive. So let’s talk about a pool remodel.

Waterfall Wonderland

Take water features for example. Water features can range from water slides to waterfalls. Waterfalls add that extra something to every shape and style pool. Many companies offer natural-looking artificial stone waterfalls for a fraction of the price of natural stones. Fountain bubblers are get additions for pool owners with children. The mini-geysers can be built into a pools sun ledge. Deck jets are amazing because of the way they shoot water from the swimming pool deck back into the pool. You can add fiber optics to the jets to add an array of colors for nighttime illumination. Waterslides are the best way to upgrade your backyard pool into a water park. Water slides come in a vast variety of shapes and sizes. You can also build that water slide right into your new waterfall or any other rock feature to give it a natural look. Water features are great additions to swimming pools, but for a more romantic and mature looking pool area nothing beats a fire feature.

Houston Pool BuildersFireplace Fantasy in your Backyard

A fire feature tends to be one of the most popular outdoor additional to a swimming pool area. Fire pits can vary in shape and size. So, let your imagination do the work. A fire pit can use wood (requires clean up) or be set up for natural gas or propane. A fireplace is the best way to make a statement in any backyard landscaping or pool project. A fireplace is more of a daily focal feature but as the night cools off, it becomes the center of the party. Now, think about it. Sitting outside looking at the stars in your backyard with your fire feature lit. How peaceful is life at that moment?

Light Up Your Landscape

You say you want a very inexpensive way to add value to your pool area. ADD LIGHTING!!!! When planning your lighting design, take your yard, landscape and pool size and design into consideration to highlight the best features. LED and Fiber Optics can be added to the pool above or below the water. Above the water lighting can out line key features of your new and improved swimming pool. Under the water lighting can be arranged in such a way to give you the illusion of different shapes, such as constellations, at the bottom of your pool. Uplighting can add class to various different objects. Consider creating a wall of light using a series of visually appealing trees. The trees do not need to be on the edge of the property, they may be relatively close to the pool deck, thereby narrowing the view to the immediate area. A general rule of thumb is that the brightest lighting should be the most distant. Think about lighting to the steps or pathway to your swimming pool. Remember one thing when it comes to lighting. Less is more. You are trying to add little light and secrecy to your backyard pool getaway.

Your Very Own Backyard Paradise

You can also make a significant change with the addition of a few luxury extras. Some popular features that many homeowners are choosing to add to their swimming pool designs are beach entries and vanishing edges. A beach entry allows you to enter your swimming pool through a shallow sloping entryway. This feature requires a large area to gradually slope the entrance into the water. It gives the user the feeling of being at the beach in their backyard swimming pool. Vanishing, infinity, or negative edge pools are a great addition if you pool is built on a slope. This type of pool gives the appearance that the edge of the pool disappears. The water creates a waterfall, so add so rock or stones, a falls into a basin where it is recycled back into the pool. This is a two for one. You can have the feeling of the pool floating with a vanishing edge and a waterfall in your backyard swimming pool.

Now is the Time to Remodel

So that brings us to the very last question. Are you ready to think outside of the box? Your swimming pool remodel can be extremely easy depending on your preference. From water features and lighting to fire features and vanishing edge; your pool remodel is in your hands. Remember to have fun with it because it’s your pool area paradise.

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Be a Proud Owner of Masterfully Created Swimming Pool

Fantastic swimming pool builders like Destiny Custom Pools, design and construct not only modern and visually stunning pools, but also well-equipped, innovative and completely safe outdoor or indoor swimming pools. Our expert contractors treat every project like a masterpiece hence they use their many years of experience in pool construction.

We all know that, building a swimming pool is not at all cheap, so better make sure that you pick a company that will give you the assurance and peace of mind. The style should reflect your luxurious taste and lifestyle, so you must ensure that you do not settle for anything less. Always aim to have the best.

Since it is considered as an investment most property owners looking to build a swimming pool, have the following questions in mind;

  • What is the right pool size for my family?
  • Is it very expensive to build and maintain it?
  • How frequent do we need to change the water?
  • Can I build the type of pool with the shape that I want?
  • Is it necessary to hire a landscape architect to design it?
  • What is the minimum & maximum depth of the pool?
  • Do I need to get soil test report prior to building one?
  • Is it necessary to install a heating device?
  • How safe is it to have under water illumination?
  • Can I have a sunken bar in the pool I am planning to build?
  • Does it need automatic cleaning system?

Houston Pool BuildersFor you to get all the answers to all these questions, it is proper for you to set an appointment with your chosen pool builder. Sit down and talk details from the basic structure, the pool’s filter shell and the electromechanical assemblies, enhancements and other installations that are best for your type of pool.

Choose a company that can offer you multi-level warranties and maintenance services. A fantastic pool building company can help you have that spectacular pool and will help you maintain that wow factor for years to come. A well-designed pool is not only every property owner’s pride, but of the company that built it.

Professional architects, landscape designers, structural engineers and electro-mechanical engineers plan, design and build any type of swimming pool guided by innovative technology, aesthetics as well as safety regulations. Excellent builders have reputations based on innovation, people management, social responsibility, quality of products, services and global competitiveness. Be a proud owner of a stunning swimming pool that has masterfully created by skilled pool builders.

We are your trusted swimming pool builder in Houston. We’ve been into pool construction for over 20 years. Visit for more information about swimming pools.

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