Why choose Destiny Custom Pools?

Destiny is the only Houston, Katy, Sugarland, Cypress Fairbanks and The Woodlands-area pool builder that offers a transparent, cost-plus-fee building contract. Throughout the process, we work in partnership with clients to make decisions that will result in the best pool for the money. The client has complete oversight of the costs and charges as the pool is built. Additionally, Destiny clients receive our full attention. We only build what the company owner can personally supervise. It’s not about volume, it’s about quality. Destiny also is the only builder that offers landscaping at wholesale cost. When the pool is finished, so is the landscaping and anything else that you’ve decided on.  Choose from either a classic pool design or contemporary pool design.  We create some of the most innovative, geometric pool designs in Houston.

What is “Cost-Plus?”

Destiny builds on a transparent, cost-plus-fee contract. This means that the client pays exactly what the materials and services cost, plus a management fee. Once the pool concept is finalized, we draw up an estimated budget that includes all materials and labor required to complete the project —with no hidden costs or surprises. Added to this estimate is a flat fee to cover the cost of construction management. The client receives all of Destiny’s discounts and can monitor the costs at all times. In a cost-plus contract, you only pay the actual invoiced amount and you can see exactly what you are paying for.

Our Four-Step Process

  1. Destiny visits your home and surveys the property where the pool is to be built. We talk with you about what you want, how you’ll use the backyard and your lifestyle. We’ll spend time photographing and measuring the desired location so we can build an exact digital model of the space with our 3-D imaging software. This is crucial for finding the optimum location for the pool in relation to sightlines and functionality.
  2. Our designers convert the photos and measurements into a virtual copy of your backyard and add your pool, spa, landscaping, etc. This allows you to virtually walk through the space and make any changes or adjustments needed. Once the design is approved, we draw up an estimated budget.
  3. The 3-D model is converted into construction drawings (blueprints) and materials lists for the construction crew. We also prepare a site plan and any documents needed for a municipal or homeowner’s association approval process.
  4. Construction begins!